April 29, 2012



Fist time join NUFFNANG memang tak tahu apa-apa. Just Login lepas tu biarkan macam tu je lah. Join NUFFNANG sebab apa? Sebenarnya aku tak tahu menahu pun NUFFNANG ni apa. Aku jenis yang suka blogwalking blog orang. Bila buka blog sana sini ramai yang ada NUFFNANG ni. Aku pun tanya lah kat sesiapa yang aku kenal tu. Apa function NUFFNANG ni? Then, dorang terangkan lah itu ini semua. So, aku pun rasa macam berminat nak join NUFFNANG ni memandangkan aku memang kaki blogger and aku pula suka jelajah blog orang kan. So, aku decide nak join NUFFNANG. Tak lama lepas tu aku sign up NUFFNANG. Then, aku pun buat lah macam yang di suruh. Rule NUFFNANG semua aku ikut. 

Antara Rules NUFFNANG:


Hello there! Welcome to Nuffnang :) Being a Nuffnanger is much more than earning while you blog; you’re now a part of a Malaysia’s largest blogging community! There are lots of contests and events exclusively for Nuffnangers which you can now participate in, but more on that later. Let’s start off with the basics – placing Nuffnang ads on your blog. Just follow the three simple steps below:
  1. Complete the blogger bio
    Please take a few minutes to complete the Blogger Bio, and tell us a little about yourself. This will help us know you better, and allow us to recommend you for sponsored posts.
  2. Add your blog(s) to the Blog Manager
    After you have completed your blogger profile, register your blog(s) on the Nuffnang network using the Blog Manager. Once you have added your blog to the Blog Manager, you will be prompted to fill in a survey for that blog. This survey is very important as it allows us to target ads for your blog.

    Getting Started Image
  3. Add Nuffnang ad units to your blog
    Click on the "Add Ads" icon on your dashboard. Here you will find the codes to add ad units to your blog.

    Getting Started Image

Lepas aku dah ikut semua rules ni, okay set ! Aku dah join NUFFNANG. Chopppp ! Ada lagi rules sebenarnya. Ni antara yang korang BOLEH BUAT and TAK BOLEH BUAT kalau nak join NUFFNANG ni:


Lastly, a few do's and don'ts to help you out and make blogging more fun than ever:

    Do :

  • Get updates via the Nuffnang blogFacebook and Twitter! We have lots of contests, movie screenings and awesome promotions exclusively for Nuffnangers and we throw great parties too, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements there.
  • Be a part of Innit, Nuffnang's very own blog aggregator! Innit is available to all Glitterati Nuffnangers, and there you can share topics you find interesting with your fellow Nuffnangers, and read interesting articles from them as well. It's a great place to make friends! :)

    Don't :

  • There's really only one big "don't" when it comes to Nuffnang, and that would be to commit click fraud. Click fraud is defined as manipulating the number of clicks on ads, e.g. by clicking repeatedly on them, resetting your IP, or encouraging others to do so. While you're more than welcome to click on your own ads if you're genuinely interested in the products/services offered, manipulating your click count is a breach of Nuffnang's terms of service.
  • Bloggers who commit click fraud will have their earnings revoked, or even banned for repeat offenders. This is how we feel when we see click fraud occurring - :( :( :( We're not happy when we have to ban bloggers or revoke their earnings because of click fraud, so play nice, okay?

That's all from us about getting started with Nuffnang! If you have any questions, you can always drop us a message via our helpdesk – we always answer all your questions within 48 hours except on weekends and public holidays.

Okay cun ! InsyaAllah aku dah ikut semua rules ni. And, mungkin di sebabkan semua rules ni ada yang sudi datang menjenguk blog aku. Walaupun tak banyak yang datang tapi aku still bersyukur lah. Alhamdulillah Earning aku sekarang mencecah RM1.25sen. Yelah, aku tahu lah sikit kan berbanding dengan korang punya earning semua. Maklumlah, korang semua pandai berbahas kat blog ni. Aku tak berapa nak bahas sangat. Tahu melalut jehh. ==' Ohh ye, sorry lah sebab aku tak print screen aku punya earning. Bukan apa, sebenarnya aku ni buta IT ==' Aku tak tahu nak print screen ni. 

Tapi, apa pun aku suka join NUFFNANG walaupun aku takberapa aktif sangat. NUFFNANG bagi aku duit wooo. :P Seronok nii ! Boleh belanja and shopping banyak banyak bila dah banyak duit. Hee ~ So, sape sape yang belum join NUFFNANG, mehh lerr join sekali. Tak rugi apa apa pun join NUFFNANG. Lagi untungkan korang semua adalah. :)

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